Anti Nostalgic

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Shuichi Shindou is here! Awww yeah! ^_^ Welcome to my journal...blog...LJ...thingy...whatever. I'll be posting all sorts of spiffy stuff here, so you better read up! Bad Luck is gonna take the world by storm! ...Well, so long as Hiro stops saying 'neat' in his LJ. Might scare people off. ^_~ hehehe!

"He drowns in extremes
An exquisite extreme, I know.
He's as damned as he seems,
And more heaven than a heart can hold.
And if I tried to save him,
My whole world would cave in.
It just aint right, it just aint right...
Oh and I don't know,
I don't know what he's after.
But he's so beautiful,
Such a beautiful disaster..."


I.C. friend's list: Yuki, Hiro, K, Tatsuha, Sakano, Ryuichi, and Seguchi. ...note, he isn't terribly picky about WHO sees his lists. ^_~